You can use the Support Portal in several ways:

  1. Submit a support request or question related to a system that we support for you - no need to login, but you can if you want.  Click 'New support ticket'
  2. Track/view previously submitted requests - you will need to login to do this.
  3. Find answers and useful resources.  These will be added to over time.

Please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • The name of the app.
  • Device details, e.g. iPhone 6, Galaxy 7, etc.
  • Device operating system details, e.g. iOS 10.3.3, Android 7.1.2, etc.
  • Which screen the issue occurred on.
  • What error message (if any) appeared.
  • Ideally...if you can repeat the issue, a list of steps that would allow us to recreate the problem.